Isn’t this beautiful? It is all the little bits of yarn my daughter cuts off skeins in preparation for winding the yarn on a cone. I’ve saved them over the last few months and am going to add them to carded fiber and then hand spin it into a beautiful art yarn! Life is sooo…


Aw!! My daughter Tara found this cute little kitten under our camp trailer. Never a dull moment.


Wowser! It’s snowy and dang cold! Spring in Utah is sooo unpredictable, but it sure is pretty!


I don’t make the prettiest bread but it’s dang tasty! I love the smell of bread baking and the warm bread covered in butter and homemade jam is absolutely one of my favorites. Have a wonderful Sunday


Holy cow 😂 this is fabulous! Wood burning made easy. Just a little ammonia chloride and a heat gun and you can make some fabulous wood burned projects! Home is is definitely where my herd is!


I love sauerkraut, but I have always bought it from the store. I’m trying to garden, can and preserve more the last few years. I purchased these mason jar lids with airlocks to try my own fermentation. You use your own mason jars and fill with veggies of your choice, add brine and wait…..


Me and my daughter spent the last couple of days attending the Utah Farm Conference. We visited a Cedar City farm called Redacres. We learned how to build a low cost hoop house and how to grow vegetables year round! I’m excited to build my own and raise fresh food for my family and community….


I used my great grandmas recipe to make ebleskivers for breakfast. It is similar to a pancake but I think so much better. She came straight from Denmark at a young age to marry my great grandpa. I grew up next to her on the farm. I love the old barns and fields behind her…


Take a look at this bee-utah-ful sunrise! Utah is a beautiful place and I live smack dab in the middle of the Wasatch valley, where I can see the beautiful Wasatch mountains from my back deck! Make it a great day!

2022 NEW EWE

Happy New Year!! 2021 was a great year for me and I look forward to a fantastic 2022. No News Years resolutions for me, just want to live simple, healthy and happy! Happy New Year everyone.