Haha it’s canning season! My favorite time of year. I’m so lucky to me part of this 4 generation picture. I have been canning since I was a little girl with my mom. My daughter loves to can and so we thought we better teach the very youngest in the family! I love these cute…


OMG!! I took the best and funnest class this past weekend! I visited the farm of cornceekfibers. A beautiful Airbnb farm in the country, it was so fun to sit with friends, laugh, have lunch and learn to make these beautiful handmade brooms. Im totally hooked and am busy making Christmas gifts and wedding presents….


Today Im bottling grape juice and jelly! It’s the first time using my steamer! It is totally awesome and so easy to use!


Holy cow!! This years lavender crop is fantastic! These pretty little purple buds smell fantastic. They will go in homemade soap and made into lavender hydrosol. Tone, hydrate, soothe, relax and refresh are all qualities of lavender hydrosol.


Hey, no waste here! I love pickled beets! Bottled a few jars today fresh from the garden! The red juice makes an excellent dye for wool Wensleydale locks! #farmgirl


Any one who knows me can tell you how much I LOVE coffee. I drink probably two pots everyday and drink it all day long😳😬. I swear it helps me sleep! I love this old time coffee grinder. It still works and I love to grind fresh beans into a fine ground! Oh man does…


“She seeketh wool and flax, and workth willingly with her hands“ I love this!! I find so much joy in the beautiful mountains and reservoirs of Utah. Spinning wool in nature is so relaxing. We are celebrating Independence Day camping at Strawberry reservoir, nothing could be better! Life is good in the land of the…


I have never made it or never tried it, but oh man was it delicious!! My new favorite way to eat corn!


How is your garden growing? Mine is looking fantastic! The peas are all harvested and ready to replant in a few weeks. Beets, carrots and potatoes have only another week. I picked two zucchini’s today and will make bread tomorrow! Life is good!


What an exciting project! I have been making farmhouse cheese over the past week. Straight from the farm raw milk, prepared and waxed right here on my little farm. This cheese should be aged in about 4-6 weeks! Yummy