Me and my daughter spent the last couple of days attending the Utah Farm Conference. We visited a Cedar City farm called Redacres. We learned how to build a low cost hoop house and how to grow vegetables year round! I’m excited to build my own and raise fresh food for my family and community….


I used my great grandmas recipe to make ebleskivers for breakfast. It is similar to a pancake but I think so much better. She came straight from Denmark at a young age to marry my great grandpa. I grew up next to her on the farm. I love the old barns and fields behind her…


Take a look at this bee-utah-ful sunrise! Utah is a beautiful place and I live smack dab in the middle of the Wasatch valley, where I can see the beautiful Wasatch mountains from my back deck! Make it a great day!

2022 NEW EWE

Happy New Year!! 2021 was a great year for me and I look forward to a fantastic 2022. No News Years resolutions for me, just want to live simple, healthy and happy! Happy New Year everyone.


I think this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I knit these up on my circular sock machine with left over yarn. Little hat and scarf to dress up your holiday bubbly


I’m so excited about these cute fingerless mittens!! They are not a matching pair because I am in the process of creating my own pattern! Yep!! You heard right!! I made this pattern after I couldn’t find one that I could follow and understand. I have had my sock machine for nearly a year but…


Haha, I find these cute little embroidered toilet paper roll so funny. Makes great gag gifts or just a cute decoration for the bathroom.🎄


Today me and my hubby have been married for 34 years! What a great ride we have had. Honestly there is no one I would rather spend the rest of my life with! We have made so many good memories over the years and I look forward to the next 34😜


It’s that time of year when our small town has a tractor parade. We have so much fun decorating and driving around our local park. So much fun to see Santa, drink hot chocolate and listen to the performers. This year our theme was “snowfall fight”. We listened to the music and thru snowballs into…


It’s freezing, but I’m so happy about it! Today was my first batch of freeze dried candy. I made skittles, bit of honey and taffy. They turned out great and so fun to eat. I’m preparing food for long term storage meals. Come summer I can fill my pantry. Life is great!