“She seeketh wool and flax, and workth willingly with her hands“ I love this!! I find so much joy in the beautiful mountains and reservoirs of Utah. Spinning wool in nature is so relaxing. We are celebrating Independence Day camping at Strawberry reservoir, nothing could be better! Life is good in the land of the…


I have never made it or never tried it, but oh man was it delicious!! My new favorite way to eat corn!


How is your garden growing? Mine is looking fantastic! The peas are all harvested and ready to replant in a few weeks. Beets, carrots and potatoes have only another week. I picked two zucchini’s today and will make bread tomorrow! Life is good!


What an exciting project! I have been making farmhouse cheese over the past week. Straight from the farm raw milk, prepared and waxed right here on my little farm. This cheese should be aged in about 4-6 weeks! Yummy


Rise and shine! Fresh sourdough bread with homemade raspberry jam and hand whipped butter.


Oh man I had a fantastic time in Hawaii this past week! Such a very beautiful place. I am so lucky to be able to share this vacation with my family!


My favorite socks so far! Croc socks, 😂😂😂 they’re made from my own little Southdown babydoll sheep named , Darla! Raised right here, sheared and spun, then knit into these cute little socks!


Today I finished my first pair of matching socks! Knit on a circular sock machine that my husband bought me for Christmas! This machine has been such a challenge for me, but I’m finally getting the hang of it! Can’t wait to fill my sock drawer. They even fit😂😂


I spent many day in a police car, behind the wheel! Haha I worked for the Utah Highway Patrol, I retired a Sergeant after nearly 20 years! It is dispatchers week and any officer will tell you how great dispatchers are, they are our life line! I am grateful for the many men and women…


Yesterday we celebrated my moms 80th birthday! What a great turnout and tribute to my mom! She is absolutely the most strongest, kind, giving person I know! I am so lucky to be her daughter. Her friends and family traveled from all over, to celebrate this special day!! I love you mom!! Hope you had…