I’m so excited about my Christmas present this year! I received a custom made Erlbacher kitting sock machine!!! Gasp!!! This thing is a beast, built like a sturdy tank and bright yellow to make you smile! I’ve been practicing and practicing but man there is a sharp learning curve to it! Here’s a pic of…


Damn covid! I have dodged it for nearly year, but it caught me! The body aches are the worst and I would compare it to getting hit by train. I have had body chills and so taste or smell. Unfortunately it has spread thru our family and several are sick! Prayers to all you and…


Happy New Year! Been a rough year but I have lots to be thankful for! Gotta smile thru it! Happy 2021


Not Amazon! Haha! Christmas tradition around here is to gather for a prime rib dinner. I love getting the family together to eat around the table, wind down after the Christmas chaos mornings and just enjoy good food and each other! Life is good!


One of my favorite things is the warm fresh smell of ground wheat into flour. Today I’m making fresh bread for tomorrows Christmas Day breakfast! I’m so grateful this year for all I have! Life is definitely good!


So excited to make this goose call for my grandson! He is an awesome hunter, great shot and can call a goose in better than anyone! Love you Trigger


Haha, not literally!! But these cute cocoa bombs are to die for!! So cute and taste great! Drop them in a mug and pour hot milk over the top, then watch them blowup and melt, making fantastic hot cocoa


Wow!! This homemade cranberry juice looks and tastes fantastic. Now for the cranberry mimosas


Oh my gosh! How cute are these? Grinch soap and his huge heart. Scented with cranberry fig. Smells so great!


My daughter Nikki is a troop leader in a revitalized Girl Scout troop. They are called Trailblazers. Trailblazers develop skills in diverse hiking styles, camping, outdoor preparedness, and high-adventure sports. Nikki has been involved in Girl Scouts for nearly 35 years, either as a Girl Scout or a leader! She is fun, active and loves…